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RockWatcher $49.95
BalancePlus Stopwatch, XL display, split time, 5yr warranty $29.95
BalancePlus Dual Split, cum/lap, 5yr warranty, shows 3 separate splits $34.95
Broom Bags
BalancePlus broom bag Large (black 12"x12"x55") $74.95
BalancePlus broom bag Small (black 12"x7"x54") $59.95
LiteSpeed Travel Bag (with wheels) $149.95
Delivery Devices
Stabilizer FS 1 $99.95
Stabilizer FS 3, with brush head $129.95
Extender (for people that want to curl without bending, kneeling) $64.95


Sliding Tape $29.95
Helmet $89.95

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